Protection of the heart in ischemia by palmitoylethanolamide

montalcini-black and whileIn the 80s already the research group of Schmidt did a lot of work on endogenous fatty molecules such as PEA and found clear protective effects in many models. Meanwhile we know palmitoylethanolamide is a protective endogenous molecule, that serves even in plants to protect cells against stress. It is an universal protector, one could even say it is the ‘Superman” molecule which comes to rescue all damsels in distress.

Now our great professor Levi-Montalcini discusses the results from a series experiments demonstrating the protective effect of palmitoylethanolamide in case of cell stress, comparable to inflammation, in the ischemia myocardial model. She herself already pointed out in 1993 that PEA can bring overactive inflammatory cells to rest. These cells, the mast cells, also happen to create frenzy in the myocardial muscles under ischemic conditions… So she was quite right in 1993!

PEA protects myocard



PEA protects myocardium

Myocardial ischemia protection by PEA

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