Professor Montalcini describes the role of palmitoylethanolamide related to mast cells

Montalcini’s paper from 1993 is a hallmark paper were the Nobel price laureate for the first time one of the key regulating functions of palmitoylethanolamide (Normast, PeaPure) discovered. She knew that in 1991 subtile microscopy already demonstrated the intimate contacts between the mast cells and fine nerve fibres, as we can see here as an artist impression from a photograph, made in 1991 by Blennerhassett et al:

Mast cell-nerve interaction

Based on this and her own work she put created a fundament for new neurobiological work related to the analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions of PEA.

Here the key messages of her insight:

Aloe L, Leon A, Levi-Montalcini R. | A proposed autacoid mechanism controlling mastocyte behaviour. | Agents Actions. | 1993;39 Spec No:C145-7.

And here here explanation:

Rita 1



rita 3

Montalcini on PEA


Copyright.svgCopyright on all cartoons by the Chronic Pain Coalition, JMKHLOGO

Source of artist impression mast cell- nerve cell:

Formation of contacts between mast cells and sympathetic neurons in vitro by M.G. Blennerhassett, M. Tomioka, and J. Bienenstock, Cell Tissue Res (1991) 265 : 121-128

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