Silent or slow inflammation: the base of many chronic disorders

“Silent inflammation” is perceived to be the cause of numerous diseases (cancer, depression, atherosclerosis, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and more). More and more pieces of the puzzle are now coming together, and we are really excited to experiment and track some healing strategies for people who have insight in this slow killer.

Inflammatory compounds are continuously produced within normal cellular activity, but the body can normally produce anti-inflammatory compounds to neutralize the negative effects of these molecules. In today’s environment, with the excess exposure to toxins, chemicals in foods, lack of good nutrients, stress, and so on, our bodies are bombarded with compounds such as free radicals, inducing inflammation, and our body isn’t able to keep up with producing enough anti-inflammatrory compounds to neutralize the free radicals and halt the inflammation. The average person doesn’t eat enough good-quality, healthy food to take in enough antioxidants to deal with this onslaught, neither does he move a lot.

So what happens? All of these free radicals create damage, which in turn, creates inflammation. If left untreated, this inflammation may lead to a number of diseases, all mentioned above. These all cause the body to produce even higher levels of inflammation.

According to Floyd H. Chilton, author of “Inflammation Nation,” approximately 50% of Americans suffer from an inflammatory disorder.

Remember that inflammation is your body’s normal response to injury and infection – inflammation helps the body heal. But when the body gets “stuck” in inflammation, that is when extra free radicals are produced.

We look into the most natural fighter in our bopdy of chronic inflammation at this website, the supplement palmitoylethanolamide (PeaPure).

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