Patient experiences using the new endogenous pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effect PEA

Reducing chronic pain can be done in a natural way since 2010. Using a substance which is produced within our own body to reduce pain and inflammation. But not sufficiently in the occurrence of severe pain. Now it is possible to follow a treatment with that substance. The substance bears the nice name palmitoylethanolamide, something to learn by heart. Palmitoylethanolamide is available as a supplement under the brand name PeaPure.

Since 2015, this substance is available in the United States without prescription. Always inform your general practitioner, though, so he knows what you are taking. Our recommendation: choose a PEA preparation holding the PEA-opt quality marker, because only those have been extensively clinically tested! There exists a pure, specially processed PEA to obtain a maximum effect (always based on PEA-opt mark).

PEA has been examined in many studies and proved to be a safe product. Problematic side effects have never been reported, and the substance can be easily used in combination with all other kinds of medication.

Also the elderly can benefit from it. Below, we give the word to patients, without talking ourselves too much. We only ask questions and listen to their stories. Because we think it is a good example of a natural and complementary pain reliever. Literally and figuratively complementary. Because this substance can be taken without problem in combination with any other product.

If your GP has never heard about it, refer him to the Internet and the scientific texts about PeaPure.

As patients always have the last word, we give below a series of patients’ experiences to give you an idea of what the treatment is about. All videos can be found in You tube and are created by the Dutch Institute for Neuropathic Pain. (INP)

The doctor as a patient with hernia pain

A former hospital manager with a very severe pain caused by a hernia, a pain that could not be treated by the neurologist. We started using PEA and within 4 days life became a lot easier. Hernia pain can be very mean, and can radiate to your entire leg. It can make walking and sitting virtually impossible and you feel very bad. This doctor tells with sense of detail about the hernia pain and the treatment with PEA.

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Severe neuropathic pain 

Having been married for fifty years and then toppled by a severe neuropathic pain. Fortunately, PeaPure helped her off the bench she had to lie on almost all day because of the pain.

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Pain with diabetes

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Severe pain after a stroke and ulcerative colitis

Pain after a stroke is very difficult to treat. Nerves in the brain are broken and cause a profound and annoying pain, as with this patient in the leg. PeaPure helped him well, and also his bowel symptoms became less.

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Hernia pain and neuropathic pain caused by CIAP

Two reasons for severe pain in your legs: a hernia in the back and a nasty chronic condition to the long leg nerves. Both pains were properly treated with PeaCure.

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Decubitus pain

Suffering from a decubitus ulcer can be a very unpleasant and painful experience. Even if the abscess has partly healed, there can still be a neuropathic pain which is difficult to treat.

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Small fibre neuropathy with severe pain

If the small fibres in your body do not feel well, you have a problem. It causes a burning pain that is difficult to treat. Many doctors will say: you have to live with it. We would never say such a thing, as it is so restrictive and annoying for the patient:

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Pain after a neuropathy and too much pain for you to work well…

The following patient with chronic misunderstood polyneuropathy had so much pain that he could no longer stand at the exhibition, which was part of his work. After treatment with, among others palmitoylethanolamide, the pain diminished with more than 50%, for several months now. And he was able to function better at work again!

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