PEA reduces neuropathic pain: results from a clinical study

cover_littleThis clinical study in 58 patients proved an increase in the probability of obtaining an effective control over painful symptomatology in patients with neuropathic pain by administering PEA in association with drugs indicated as first and second line in treatment of such pain.

58 patients diagnosed with neuropathic pain were included in this study. Group 1 includes 30 patients (10 M, 28-75 years) to whom PEA was administered, together with drugs used in the treatment of neuropathic pain, at dose of 1200 mg / day. Group 2 consisted of 28 patients (10 M, 28-75 years) to which PEA was not administered.

Important in this study is the observation that a clinical and statistical difference was found after 51 days, and onset of action was at week 3, but the pain reduction at week 3 was not yet significant. These results support the recommendation  to use PEA for at least 2 months before evaluating the results.

The study was conducted by Candiello A, Russo V, Salvato F, Vaccarella A, Viscardi D, Palomba R from the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit of the University of Napoli, “Federico  II”. General and Specialized Anesthesiology, Analgesic Therapy and Palliative Care


Paper presented at the:

5th International Meeting – Dialogues on anaesthesia and intensive care

(Napoli, 18-19 novembre 2011)

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