Experience with PeaPure by a Sudeck patient

Testimony of a US patients suffering from RSD / CRPS and the treatment with PEA:

…I’ve had RSD since I fell climbing up to Grinnell Glacier in Aug. 1994. Obviously, it has changed my life and my family. I have tried/done all the conventional treatment out there that my pain clinic knew. This past Aug. with a very high level of pain and after being on narcotics/opiods for over 15 years, I developed LQT that was way too high. That meant a month of de-toxing off of the narcotics/opiods, mainly Methadone, for a month. I was allergic to the de-tox med, so I had to do it cold turkey. Not fun.

A month later, I returned to the pain clinic and was immediately put on a methadone patch. I wore it for 2 hours and wondered what I was doing. I ripped it off. I had been in MORE pain being on the pain killer methadone than I was in being off of meth. That was when I decided to search the internet for treatments. The more I read about PEAPure, the more I wanted to try it. Naturally occurring, safe, no real side effects, helps pain. I took a lot of info into my doctor and was told that if I wanted to waste my money trying it, I could. I had decided it was either change doctors or try it.

I tried PEAPure. For the first week, I felt no change. But then I read that I could take 2 capsules in the AM and 1 in the afternoon. As soon as I started taking it that way, I immediately noticed an improvement. I made it through 1.5″ of rain in 24 hours and could still walk. I’ve never ever been able to walk on a rainy day, let alone a heavy rain like that. I’ve been off of PEAPure for a week, after being on it for a month. I’ve gotten worse again. So, I’ve just called PJ’s and re-ordered. The gal I spoke with is where you’ll be for Thanksgiving. They’re great there. Keep up the great work that YOU do in keeping us informed about treatments. My doctor is now thinking about suggesting others try PEAPure. I have also gotten her to prescribe LDN for me. I think I’m they’re guinea pig! But having had RSD for so long, and having not taken charge of my treatment until now, this is such a change for me. Some of it is just having a brain again after being the methadone. I had no idea what it had done to me. PEAPure RULES!!!

Thanks one last time. Laura from MI


More info in PEA under this link

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