Joint pain and nerve pain : patient experiences with PEA, the natural pain reliever

Joint pain, nerve pain and other pains: our body cells start to produce a natural pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effect. But when the pains are chronic, the body gets exhausted, and too little of that substance is being produced. The substance is palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), since 2012 available as a supplement.

Joint pains and nerve pains are difficult to treat, but PEA makes is now easier. Let us first listen to a patient in March 2016, this says more than many pages of text:

(Video is in Dutch)

In the case of chronic joint and nerve pain, the body-own production of palmitoylethanolamide is often not sufficient. Now that substance can also be taken as a capsule. PEA is an excellent supplement for the body when suffering from joint and nerve pains, e.g. neuralgia, shingles pain and the Lyme disease; but it is shown that PEA is also an excellent choice in case of fibromyalgia. Certainly also in diabetes.

Example of joint pain

A patient that we know very well suffers from chronic osteoarthritis and joint pain at wrists, hips and knees. She started using PEA, and within 2 months the pain was much less and she could walk better again. She went on holiday to Spain, but forgot to pack the PEA. Within a week she felt less well, and gradually the pain came back. It was then that she realized she had forgotten her PEA. Fortunately, her holiday was over. Once home, she immediately started taking again. Within 3 days, things improved. She will never forget to bring her PEA anymore!

PEA helps with hip-arthrosis pain

Warning: always choose for a PEA preparation with the PEA-opt quality label; of many other PEA preparations, their purity and reliability have not been proven. This is particularly important since there are more and more PEA preparations available.

In fact, we discovered at the end of 2015 that newly marketed PEA capsules do not always really contain PEA, despite the fact that producers sometimes claim ‘100% pure PEA’…. They are certainly not reliable.

PEA is a very good alternative for chemical and pharmaceutical painkillers, which often come with many side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and stomach problems. This is not the case with this supplement and PeaPure collected several patients’ experiences. A treatment with PEA is the most natural way of reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

The substance is called palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), and is now successfully being used by many thousands of patients in The Netherlands. Below you will find a selection of experiences, which we have collected through blogs and e-mails of patients. PEA really seems to be a breakthrough in the natural treatment of all kinds of chronic pain such as joint pain. For old and young, without any problem for this supplement to be taken in addition to other medicinal products.

It is also noted that PEA has a positive effect on and reduces pain in a variety of different pains, to which other painkillers not react.

Joint pain and nerve pain cause inflammation;
PEA stops the inflammation and reduces pain in a natural way.

Patients talk about the natural pain reliever PEA

We quote here the experiences of some twenty patients using PEA. The new improved product PeaPure contain 400 mg natural palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) per capsule.

These products are now successfully being used by many thousands of people in the Netherlands, for example in case of nerve pains and joints pains caused by Lyme, and in principle against all chronic pains. PeaPure seems to be an excellent product against nerve pain. This product combines PEA with a number of physiologically dosed vitamins from the B group, especially selected for the nervous system.

Stronger PEA effect in PeaPure by nerve reinforcing B vitamins

The image shows how the action mechanism of PEA is strengthened by complementary action mechanisms of the selected B vitamins.

Nerve pain and chronic joint pains are difficult to treat. Painkillers often have too many side effects to keep on taking them for a long time. Below you will find various experiences showing that PEA works well, without side effects! Furthermore, PEA does more than only relieving pain, it restores the natural balance of the system as a whole. Read the patients’ stories. You will also find many experiences on the internet. Recently, in 2015, an important scientific publication was issued, which proves once again how well PEA acts as a painkiller (with a NNT of 1.5).

Nerve pain in peripheral neuropathy

Patient 1. Numb feet and pain

I was in first instance diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy when my feet and lower legs became numb. After some time, things became worse and now I suffer from chronic pain.

The regular medical circuit could only help me a little, that is why I started looking into “alternative or complementary” options. Over the years, I gained a lot experience with different treatment methods and nutritional supplements, some of which gave a little result, but still not entirely satisfactory.

In March, I started taking PEA and I never experienced such a progress before. The pain in my feet and lower legs significantly decreased, and for the first time in years I can sleep the whole night without waking up. I am still using two tablets per day, because I actually fear the recurring pain should I reduce, but eventually I will have to try this.

It is hard to pay all the costs, but I do get something in return. A few years ago, I started working less because of the pain, but since a few weeks I notice that working is getting better again.

PEA soothes the nervous system in the occurrence of chronic pain

Patient 2. Pain caused by polyneuropathy

I discovered PEA myself and started using it on my own initiative. I have been using it for more than 2 months with great satisfaction. 5 years ago, when I was 50, I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy. My pain decreased significantly after taking PEA. On certain days, I feel almost no pain anymore. I can understand that some of you might think this is too good to be true, and that it will probably not work for everyone, but the quality of my life has improved so much that I can only be positive about this product. I informed my doctor afterwards, and she also recommends it now.

Patient 3. Tingling and stinging feet

I have been using PEA for three weeks with good result. The tingling and stinging are clearly less. I noticed in particular that my body was relieved from stress after having taken PEA for a week and a half. I am also very excited about the neuropathic pain treatment centre.

I have a lot of experience in the alternative circuit and am a coach/therapist myself. That makes me more critical in the approach and vision. What I like about the pain treatment centre are the various approaches. They also use regular products, a concerted cocktail of low dosage. My anaesthesiologist can only prescribe pills, and those have many side effects as you can read in this forum.

In the event of neuropathic pain, nerve cells are affected

Patient 4. Feet pain

I have been using – with my doctor’s consent – PEA since mid-January 2011. The neuropathic pain in my feet has almost gone and I (cautiously) think that also the numbness in my feet (toes) is getting better. All in all, there is good reason to continue.

Patient 5. Polyneuropathy

I have been using PEA since a year and a half.  I suffer from polyneuropathic pains. We (Dr Keppel Hesselink and the undersigned) tried various products. Both in combination and separately. PEA resulted in a tremendous improvement in my neuropathic pain, which was 8.4 on a scale of 10. Now the pain constantly fell to 3.5.

I can sleep well again, my energy has returned. I am a different person. I very much enjoyed my holiday to the USA, which I first planned to cancel.  

In addition to PEA, I take 2,5 mg naltrexone per day. I also tried together with Jan Keppel Hesselink to obtain compensation for PEA, but we did not succeed (yet). PEA has no side effects! Quite important to mention that.

Nerve pain after Lyme disease

Patient 6. Lyme pain and PEA

My naturopath prescribed PEA for my Lyme pains. I got a tick bite, and have been suffering from severe burning pains in my left leg and foot since, as if I sometimes walk on glowing coals.

The Lyme pain did not change during the first 2 weeks, but I immediately was able to walk better again. I am on PEA since 6 weeks now and the Lyme pain is really much less severe, the worst part has gone. I also feel much stronger and people say that I look much better.

I keep on taking PEA, no side effects noticed.

Note: there is a lot of information on Lyme disease and the use of PEA.

Sore back and joint pain

Back pain treatment with PEA

Patient 7. Joint pain

I have been using PEA for 5 weeks now. On the 20th day, I got up in the morning without a painful back and joints and without the incredible stiffness in limbs and back, while the day before I could not even lift my arms. I cleaned the whole house, the beds, and then went to the gym.

The following day NO aches or stiffness.

I notice that all body movement is smoother, that I only get easily tired, and that I should (and also can build up condition). I am not used to do things anymore.

I wake up every morning full of astonishment that I can get out of bed so easily without pain.

Nerve pain after a stroke

Patient 8. Pain after a stroke

A year ago, I suffered two strokes in two weeks’ time. The first was post-operative after a partial colon resection, the second a week after coming home. I recovered relatively well.

7 months after the strokes, the reduced feeling went over in a burning sensation. That gradually became worse and I started to look into what caused the pain after my strokes. I came to the conclusion that it was neuropathic pain and started looking into what can be done about it.

It did not made me feel happy when I found out what kind of medication is prescribed and what the side effects were.

I have very bad experiences with regularly prescribed medication and have my doubts as to whether a lot of medicines that are commonly prescribed still would get government approval today, given the side effects that have been proven over time  since 2011.

But finally I found PEA as a possible, and to my feeling secure, alternative in combination with the necessary medication that I need to take. I started with “the starters’ programme” and can confirm that my pain decreased about  40 to 50 % and that I function better in my daily life.

I had to stop working as a dentist because of the strokes. I lost dexterity and feeling in my left side. So be it… But because of the neuropathic pain, I lost more than my work. I enjoyed cooking, but could not handle a frying pan anymore. I got more and more pain, also in my erogenous zones and therefore lost my libido and sexual self-confidence.

Fortunately, I have always realized that …… you live NOW, not yesterday or tomorrow. I have my wife and a wonderful child of 24 who help me put things into perspective and laugh, every day again, with and about each other. A long story, but I wanted to share it.

The pain has not gone yet, but is more in the background. The obstacle to love someone has but disappeared, so we can enjoy each other again, something that was impossible for me during 4 months…

Patient 9. Nerve pain after stroke

I started taking PEA because the neuropathic pain, which I got as a result of two strokes almost a year ago, restricted me in many things. The regularly prescribed medicines with their many side effects made me look in to an alternative with less severe side effects.

It is then that I discovered PEA, which I have been taking for 4 weeks now, with a very satisfactory outcome. I would be very happy to share my experiences and have already recommended a number of people to find out more about the product. Some already started using it, but the period is too short for them to say something meaningful about it.

Shingles pain and allergy

Patient 10 Hay fever gone with PEA

I have a tip for people with hay fever: I personally had to deal with it my whole life: I am now 74 years old…..At the end of February I got an attack of shingles, very painful, and I was completely exhausted: paracetamol, dicofenac: nothing helped against that pain, then I tried PEA. The starters’ program takes five weeks with a gradual decrease of pain, and WHAT DO I NOTICE: since I have been taking PEA ( my hay fever also has gone, seems to be linked to the fact that the notorious “mast cells” do not “release” their histamine. Anyway: now that pollen is in the air, my hay fever has completely gone. Perhaps others might try this out? 

Patient 11, Neuralgic pain less with PEA

It is a terrible pain, you know, you really sigh of relief when it is gone, but it must be horrible when it comes back! I currently use PEA, with success, I started only after having been suffering from that unpleasant pain for five weeks. We are now two weeks further and it is going much better. 

Fibromyalgia pain

Patient 12. Fibromyalgia with PEA and less fatigue

The natural pain reliever PEA, which is available in the Netherlands, is a benefit for the treatment of fibromyalgia. It stops the inflammation and takes away the pain. After 20 years of fibromyalgia pain, I started taking this substance, and it really helps.

Woman and dog with osteoarthritis pain

Patient 13 PEA to treat a dog with joint pain

A (Stabyhoun) dog of a friend could almost not walk because of osteoarthritis and pain, despite using the painkiller Metacam.

My neighbour, who suffered from osteoarthritis and joint pain, and successfully used PEA, advised to try this substance, so the dog (approx. 20 kg) received PEA once a day. The veterinarian subsequently advised to stop using Metacam and switched to 1 PEA per time. Result: the dog hops around again like a puppy,  and the joint pain thus seems to have gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Diabetes pain

Patient 14

I have been using PEA since 7 weeks for severe burning feet caused by diabetes, neuropathy in the legs and hands. I could almost not walk anymore because of the pain, but PeaCure made my life better again. I am happy with it, because the painkillers that I got from the pain clinic made me feel drowsy. Not with PEA. For me it is really a gift! 

Patient 15

Diabetes caused neuropathic pain in my feet. As a result I had difficulties walking and sleeping. The medication that my doctor prescribed had many side effects and, above all, no result. PEA  has no side effects and helps me to walk and sleep better again. As a result, I function much better. 

Multiple sclerosis and violent pain

Patient 16 Ms, nerve pain and PEA

I am MS patient who regularly suffers from violent nerve pain attacks. I cannot raise my left leg, and cannot move the toes on my left foot. The nerve pain has not decreased, but when lying in bed, I can lift my left leg 40 cm. This is something I was not able to do in recent years. I can also move my toes again, so I definitely benefit from the use of PeaPure. 

Patient 17 Burning pain in legs caused by MS

I suffer from MS and violent pain in my legs. Sometimes I have pangs and burning feeling which prevent me from sleeping. After 4 weeks baclofen PEA, the burning pain has almost gone, as well as the pangs, and the pain is much better to bear. It feels like when I used to smoke cannabis, but that made me drowsy and cough. I will certainly keep on using PeaPure!

PEA for dog in pain and for burning feet

Patient 18: dog and owner better with PEA

PEA for dog with pain and for burning feet, good for both humans and animals. I treated myself and my dog:

  1. Dog of almost 14 years; was 1/2 years old, overrun by car, right front leg broken, causing length difference between left and right front paw, was able to compensate this, the last 1 1/2 year it became increasingly difficult, resulting in overuse of cervical spine and left paw, followed by severe bursitis, loss of power in rear legs (cannot jump onto higher level anymore, which he could before, probably because of difficult coordination between front and rear legs). (Could do this automatically before, now it seems he has to think about how it works and he cannot manage anymore). The veterinarian prescribed painkillers to which he responded well. Recently had to have removed the remainder of a broken healthy dental element from under anaesthesia. A lot of blood loss, probably as a result of the use of painkillers.

Afterwards, we combined PEA with half a dosage of painkillers (especially during use of the granules).

He now only takes 1/2 capsule per day. What my wife and myself notice is that he sleeps better  than when using painkillers.

  1. I take PEA myself against burning soles and sore feet (since a very long time). External ‘support’ brings relief.

When using PEA, significant improvement, especially do not wake up at night from pain in my feet anymore. Headache in the background (only noticeable when it was gone), maybe caused by a serious fall, has almost disappeared, such as several other “unnoticed” symptoms of that kind.

A friend who has been suffering since long from pain due to broken upper arm seems to respond well to PEA. After using 1200 mg/day noticeable less pain and the GP proposes to stop the fentanyl plaster, which did not seem to work anyway, because otherwise she would not have started using PeaPure.

Nerve pain caused by chronic polyneuropathy of undetermined cause

Patient 19: neuropathy and PEA

1 month, 1 week ago, I have been using PEA since a year and a half.  I have polyneuropathic pains. We (my doctor and the undersigned) have tried various products. Both in combination and separately. PEA resulted in a tremendous improvement in my neuropathic pain, which was 8.4 on a scale of 10. Now the pain constantly fell to 3.5. I can sleep well again, my energy has returned. I am a different person. I very much enjoyed my holiday to the USA, which I first planned to cancel.  In addition to PEA, I take 2,5 mg naltrexone per day. I also attempted together with Jan Keppel Hesselink to obtain compensation for PEA, but we did not succeed (yet). PEA has no side effects! Quite important to mention that.

Patient 20, treatment of chronic polyneuropathy of undetermined cause with PEA

In November I was diagnosed with chronic polyneuropathy of undetermined cause at the UMC in Utrecht. For years I have been suffering from numb feet, less strength in arms and particularly legs and feet, fatigue and a severe sleeping disorder. Since 30 April, I am under treatment by Dr. Jan M. Keppel Hesselink. I found this centre for polyneuropathy on the internet and because the neurologist had nothing to offer anymore, I subscribed at this centre. It became increasingly more difficult for me to get onto my bike, and I have problems with my ankles (if I stand but a little crooked, I would twist my ankles, I have often had sprained ankles).

I also stopped driving a car some years ago, because I do not feel the pedals properly anymore, and my muscle strength, especially when tired, was insufficient to keep my feet on the pedals. Cycling became increasingly important. Since May 4, I started using PEA and although this week went better (better sleep , more energy and easier cycling ), I cannot tell whether this is related to the use of PEA.

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