Pelvic pain, a patient experience


I had chronic pelvic pain since 2 years, spams, burning, deep and awful pain… Not a doctor could tell what I had. I started to take it (PeaPure) a month ago after reading on the web and I’m at 50 % better! If it decreased my pain, it can decrease any pain! It’s $200 for two months but I don’t regret. No side effects except on the waller..;)  Now, I can do physical therapy, stretches and I know that my pain wasn’t “hormones related”.

Comment: the price is actually lower if you directly buy PeaPure in San Diego’s pharmacy

2 responses

  1. Isobel Bennett | Reply

    Are there plans to make this available more widely at a lower price? Has the National Health Service in the UK shown any interest in using this supplement to treat chronic pain?

    1. palmitoylethanolamide4pain | Reply

      I think autorities have not expressed interest in supplements, and supplements always remain in the limbo of treatment. That is why the price probably does not decrease, because people cannot make it widely known as nowadays communication is made difficult.

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