Chronic pain treatment with natural PEA cream

Chronic skin pain is common in diabetes and all kind of other diseases, such as severe arthritic toe pain. The new analgesic and anti-inflammatory cream on the basis of PEA is now available. Experiences with the substances contained in this cream are very positive as you can read in the following example.

A patient who has been suffering from a special condition, called CIAP (chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy). The patient has a nasty, burning, and stinging pain in the feet. The pain is quite serious, with a pain score of 7 on a scale of 0 to 10,  10 being the most severe pain.

After spreading a cream containing adelmidrol (PEA molecules linked to each other) on the feet, the pain after 20 minutes clearly decreased to a score of 0 or 1. We now know that this cream increases the PEA concentration in the skin. That is also directly possible. With a pure PEA cream, without prescription.


Sore feet and treatment with PEA cream


PEA cream is a cream on the basis of an endogenous and anti-inflammatory pain reliever, known under the difficult name palmitoylethanolamide. Our own body cells produce this analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance in the event of pain and inflammation. Only in the case of serious pains, as caused by neuropathy, not enough of the substance can be produced. It is at such moments that this cream can help the body. The pain often decreases in a short period of time.


Analgesic effect of PEA cream

The analgesic cream with adelmidrol is the result of two molecules of palmitoylethanolamide being coupled. It is essentially a synthetic unnatural molecule. Now there is also a cream that only contains the natural PEA molecule. Choose for quality through the Pea-opt quality label.


Adelmidrol and PEA have been examined scientifically

Adelmidrol and PEA are fatty substances that are easily absorbed by the skin where they can put their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties into action. In a test with adelmidrol against a very serious ear infection, one that looked like cancer, adelmidrol clearly proved to reduce the infection. [1] In another study, which examined children with annoying skin problems, involving pain and itching, adelmidrol also proved to be a very useful and safe substance. [2]

Also dogs with severely infected teeth had a lot of benefit from the treatment with adelmidrol; their infection was significantly reduced. [3]


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