Treatment of syringomyelia with the endogenous pain-relieving supplement PEA

Syringomyelia is a nasty derogation from the spinal cord around the neck, which causes a lot of pain. The pain is difficult to treat. In The Netherlands, a study in this field was carried out in cooperation with the Institute of neuropathic pain. Using 12 dogs as an animal model for syringomyelia.

The dogs used were Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Because of their short skull, these animals suffer from syringomyelia and a lot of neuropathic pain. As a result, their behaviour is very different. Using the endogenous supplement Normast or PeaPure, trade names of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), we were able to obtain significantly positive results with all 12 dogs. PeaPure is freely available as a food supplement. In addition to this positive study in our country, many clinical studies with PEA have been carried out in Italy and Spain, and the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect proved every time over again.

Twelve puppies suffering from a lot of pain were treated with PEA, the endogenous natural analgesic substance we often us in our centre. With stunning results. All twelve dogs got very lively again! We used a dosage of 150 mg PEA twice per day. PEA has the same positive effect on Cavalier Spaniels as on the human patients with central neuropathic pain we see. The illness that causes so much pain to the spaniels is also known to people under the same term.


Much less syringomyelia pain after using PeaPure

The Cavalier owner (Jaennette van Leeuwen) who organised this experiment, wrote to us:

After having used PeaPure for 2 months on 12 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the results for all dogs are good to very good.

8 of the 12 dogs showed visible results after only 10 days, 5 dogs already became visibly better after 3 to 4 days, and all dogs improved within 4 weeks!

The general impression of the puppies’ health status after six weeks, on a Normast dosage of approximately 20 mg/kg body weight, was that the condition of 4 dogs improved, of 8 dogs it improved very much.

When treating with PEA, it is important to maintain a period of at least 50 days before concluding whether the substance has a pain relieving effect. The pain relieving effect with the dogs seemed to be acting relatively quick, within the 50 days period. Sometimes even after a few days.



PeaPure: less tears, less scratching, licking and scouring, and easier movements 

A dog suffering from a headache is easily recognizable for owners because of its half pinched eyes. Five dogs had less headache and 7 dogs really got much better. Also other disease symptoms such as chewing and swallowing, tearing eyes, scratching, licking, and scouring improved a lot, very much even. The dogs’ movements, they are often frozen from the pain, became easier for 2 dogs, much easier for 7 of them.

So a very distinct positive clinical improvement.

PeaPure given to humans in a dosage of 600 mg twice a day.

PeaPure is a supplement and an endogenous substance, which has been available since 2012. It has a positive effect on people suffering from chronic pain disorders, without nasty side effects or adverse effects on other drugs.


And less inflammation 

Many common eye and ear infections responded well to PEA, and became much better. It was possible to touch the dog’s ears again, something that was not possible before because of the inflammation pain.

Below an English summary:


PEA is available as the supplement PeaPure. It consists of 400 mg capsules, which can be easily opened; the powder can then be scattered over the food.

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