Patients on Severe pain and treatment with natural molecule, case descriptions

Here we will present a number of patients suffering from severe pain, and sometimes unable to work, and what happened after our treatment with  Palmitoylethanolamide (brandnames Normast and PeaPure).

1. Painful axonal neuropathy and unable to stand

This patient was diagnosed with axonal painful neuropathy in one of the Dutch academic hospitals. His pain was severe and the neuropathic changes on the EMG moderate to severe. The hospital physicians tried the obvious, amitriptyline and pregabalin, but due to side effects both analgesics had to be stopped. We started a treatment regime with Normast and alpha lipoic acid. The pain decreased more than 50% and the patient was able to return to his work and stand for longer periods of time with much less pain. Furthermore, the slowly deteriorating polyneuropathy did stabilize and furthermore the functionality, as measured by the physiotherapist on different objective tests improved in time! For axonal painful neuropathy this is remarkable, as functionality mostly decreases by time.

2. Severe pain due to hernia (sciatic pain) AND axonal neuropathy

Chronic pain due to neuropathy and sciatica treated with PEA. Severe neuropathic pain due to and a chronic neuropathy as well as due to nerve compression by a herniated disk, both pains reacted quick and after administering PEAthe patient’s pain decreased considerably, and he could start working again, after being on sick leave for a long period of time.

Sciatica, sciatic, or sciatic neuralgia is a set of symptoms including irradiating pain caused by compression and/or irritation of the spinal nerve roots that give rise to the big leg nerve, the sciatic nerve, or by compression or irritation of the left or right or both sciatic nerves. The pain can be felt in the lower back, buttock, and/or various parts of the leg and foot. This pai can be severe, and other symptoms are sometimes numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling and difficulty in moving or controlling the leg. Typically, the symptoms are only felt on one side of the body. We already treated many patients with this kind of pain succesfully withPEA.

3. Severe sciatic pain, not responsive to normal analgesics

Severe sciatic pain treatment refractory to treatment with the often used analgesic for neuropathic pain, Lyrica®, treated with palmitoylethanolamid,( Normast®). Palmitoylethanolamide in its purest form is available since 2012 as PeaPure.

Pain decreased totally within some days of treatment with palmitoylethanolamide.

The patient story: A medical doctor, former president of a big dutch hospital, suffered from severe neuropathic sciatic pain, pain score 10 minus over 10, without any response on treatment with pregabaline, apart from severe side effects such as confusion and dizziness, treated with palmitoylethanolamide, a body own fatty acid with analgesic properties.

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