Sciatica: how to reduce pain and protect the nerve?

Sciatica can be treated with the supplement palmitoylethanolamide. It decreases pain, reduces inflammation in the sciatic nerve and protects the nerve against damage. This makes it superior to the average pain relief medicine that is prescribed against sciatic pains.

Sciatica is a common nerve condition, that causes a nasty radiating pain, usually in the leg, buttock and even all the way to the foot. This is due to the fact that the large nerve in the leg, the sciatic nerve, goes all the way from the lower back, through the buttock to the foot. If there is pressure on this nerve, due to hernia for example, the nerve becomes inflamed and causes a lot of pain or in the worst-case even numb feeling and loss of strength in leg or foot.

It’s easy for the sciatic nerve to get pinched, since the nerve is large and quite thick. A pinched sciatic nerve can be created by arthritis in the lower back, in which case there’s not enough space for the nerve, or by a protruding disc or hernia. When there’s insufficient space it’s also called stenosis, named after the surgeon professor Verbiest from Utrecht (Netherlands).

This makes sciatica actually a case of neuralgia, or nerve pain. Pressure on the nerve creates a reactive inflammation with swelling and pain. The swelling creates even less space for the nerve and a vicious cycle is created. The nerve will get even more damaged by the pressure and inflammation. Read more about this under this link. If the situation gets worse, for example partial paralysis like urine loss, immediately see a doctor, as intervention by a neurologist will probably be necessary.


Treating sciatica: decrease pain, reduce inflammation and protect the nerve

Palmitoylethanolamide is a natural substance (known as PeaPure, Normast) that is present in our body, but which is insufficiently produced during chronic conditions and nerve damage. This means you can support the body by taking this supplement.

Over hundreds of studies have been conducted since 1992, which proved that this substance decreases pain, protects the nerves and reduces inflammation. This is a perfect combination for support with sciatica. It is recommended to use the supplement for a minimum of 2 months, because the effects are slow.

As a natural pain relief, it works through the body’s own healing mechanism, which has to be activated by the substance. If there is no noticeable effect after one month, the dose can be doubled for the second month (from 3×1 capsule to 3×2 PeaPure).

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