Pure PEA, (ultra-) and (co)-micronized PEA and discussion of ethics

PEA-molecule structure

Lately, since the expiration of certain PEA patent, in 2012-2013, some PEA producing industries have started to market new, patented formulations of PEA, such as for example PeaLut (Glialia) and ultra-micronized PEA (such as Normast) based on dubious grounds. Especially Epitech, Innovet and Prismic are advertising their new patented formulations as if these are superior compared to earlier formulations.

Based on the scientific data available however, there is no clinical relevant advantage of these expensive patent protected formulations compared to simple PEA. On the contrary, some of these new formulations contain compounds of herbal nature, having some unwanted side effects. In combination with the PEA, virtually free of side effects, these combinations are not only not rational, but also less safe compared to pure PEA preparations.

In this segment we will review many of the marketing driven data published on the net, in scientific literature and in pseudoscientific literature, and thus enlighten the scientists in the world about the ins and outs around PEA and all its formulations.

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