Always Select micro-PEA Formulations

Increasingly new PEA formulations enter the field. In the Netherlands many patients and therapists have experience with various formulations. Both patients and therapists indicate only formulations containing micro particles of PEA are robust in the efficacy. Those formulations are either produced in Italy (by een Italiaans bedrijf) or in the Netherlands (by JP Russell Science).

In a recent review on autacoid medicine and pain medicine (title “Fundamentals of and Critical Issues in Lipid Autacoid Medicine: A Review” published in Pain and Therapy, June 2017) it was explicitely stated:

There are only three micro-PEA formulations based on patent protected know-how of formulations of PEA with adequate bioavailability: PEA-um (ultramicronized), PEA-m (micronized), and PEA-opt (optimized).

For a crystalline lipid as PEA, formulations containing micro-PEA seem key for the clinical success. Studies supporting the safety and efficacy of other PEA formulations to date are absent.


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