Artritis psoriatica and PEA

We received the following important observation:

I have had spectacular results using peapure in combination with phosphatidyl serine (PS)
The dosage I use is 400mg PEA each morning and each night with 200mg soy-derived PS each morning and 100mg PS each night.

I was dependent upon sulfasalazine (1250mg/day) and meloxicam (15mg/day) to maintain around 60% pre-morbidity wellness and functioning. I was prone to debilitating ‘flares’

With the above phospholipid regime I became 95-100% well and functioning within 5 days and within 2 months I came off all prescribed drugs and remained 95-100% well. I don’t get ‘flares’

That was 18 months ago and I am still as well and off medication.

There are at least 2 robust assay studies supporting the efficacy of PS in rheumatic disease.

Can anyone suggest where I can get this remarkable phenomenon properly studied?
No one from the UK Arthritis Research organisation seems interested.
Suggestions welcomed


This is a valuable observation and we call sharing upon comparable findings in artritis psoriatica. Synergies between PEA and other natural compounds have been described more often, and one recent synergistic formulation created is PeaPlex, where PEA is combined to low physiological doses of vitamins B. The combination between PEA and phosphatidyl serine (PS) seems quite interesting for further study!

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