Somewhat quick effect of Pea: experience from an USA patients

Here we cut/paste the experience of an USA patients suffering from neuropathic pain and CRPS (Reflex dystrophy):

Okay, its been nine days since I have been using PEA/PeaPure. Its not a long time and I am still at an 800mg/day dose at night before I go to bed. But wanted to write about what I feel using PEA is doing. Good or bad or inbetween.

It is said it could take time to see benefits from using PEA. For me, it was pretty quick. But, I also want to remind you that I have a neuropathy/RSD along with having sarcoidosis and I dont know if that makes a difference or not. Within the first 24 hours there was noticeable reduction in pain in my feet and lower legs. So much so.. in the first few days I kept telling myself it was just a “good” day I was having and the PEA could not possibly have started to work yet. But even I knew I didnt have those good days any longer, they pain and pins and needles and numbness were always there and got worse as the day wore on. To not have live nerves screaming at me from the bottom of my feet as I walk has been very welcomed. In the morning when I get up.. my feet and legs almost feel normal. The feel refreshed. I have not had that feeling .. cant even say its been so long. I still have some pins and needles and a bit of numbness but it does not distract or cause me to “battle” this through the rest of my day.

My moods are calmer. More even maybe is the right word. Think my concentration is better and more stamina and less fatigue has been helpful. I still take a muscle relaxer for spasms and for now I will stay with that but spasms have been reduced as well.

Now, as far as sarc goes. I was having tenderness and pressure on my right side as I have pulmonary sarc. It is still present but has subsided. I believe this is inflammation and lymph node involvement but will actually find out more this Tuesday at the lung docs. My breathing is a bit more relaxed. This could be due to not fighting as much pain, but also could be the calming of PEA.

Have not decided if I will go up to 1200mg/day as it is the recommended dose. I want to talk with the lung doc about being on PEA and see what his recommendations are on my recent CT (new granuloma) and what his plan is after reviewing CT and labs, etc. So thats it for now.

Follow-up report:

Wow, thank you guys! To answer a couple more questions: YES I have slept better at night, no weird dreams or anything. Being back in active sarc I promised myself in bed by 10 for proper rest. It does not happen every single night, but I have slept up to 7 hours of pure uninterupted sleep. This has not happened in so long I was shocked when I woke up and looked at the clock. No moving around to get comfortable, or to get off my sciatic hip, or change leg positions.

Also, the sweating I had been experience again with active sarc has diminished. Especially at night. (what a pain that is) It seems I am actually … chilly at times I would have never been chilly before. Chilly, me?? Ha. The house at 75 – 76 degrees can actually seem comfortable where before I would have been a sweatty mess. Of course I can still sweat, but nothing so far like before.

After so much research and reading, I didnt check with my pharmacist about drug interactions. It is so widely report from so many sources that there were none. So far, none here either. Its a pretty … how can I say… easy pill to swallow/take.

Once day last week I did wake up to a very extended belly (this never happens) and very large lymph nodes. I felt really crappy. Being in sarc flare I figured this was the start of the bad stuff. Started to worry about getting to the lung doc this week if it continued, and what he would do. The next day… it was all gone, back to normal. This has never happened before with sarc. Just throwing that out there. I don’t know what that was about or if PEA helped, etc. I just don’t know.

Okay lovely ladies… I will now proceed to try to ummm …. start another discussion. OH, Grace: I discovered PeaPure on the front cover of my RSDSA (reflex sympathetic dystrophy association – US) news letter last month. I had never seen them advocate or promote anything for pain before. Only articles on what treatments were available in the healthcare system, patient stories, etc. So it caught my attention.

Thank you… everyone for all the work and contribution to the PEA discussion.

Weeks later:

To wrap this up, I am still getting through all this better physically, with more energy… with PEA than I did w/o PEA. Thank goodness for the little antidepressant property, that has helped me also.

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  1. Where do you order this? I have MS and painful neuropathy, swelling of feet and hands

    1. palmitoylethanolamide4pain | Reply

      try via fiteyes

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