Chronic Fatique Syndrome (CFS) Patient experience from the USA with PEA capsules

structure-formule of palmitoylethanolamide

structure-formule of palmitoylethanolamide

Fantastic News! I have been in extreme pain for about a year (and stuck in bed). There’s been a question as to how much of the pain is CFS related, how much because of degenerative disc disease, and how much might be caused by something like MS.

I have been using 3000 mg/day gabapentin and 75 mg/day baclofen (max doses for both). Even then, I was supplementing with small amounts of oxycontin (during the day, especially on days when I got in the shower) or carisoprodol (during the night). I was still having partial seizures (probably not associated with CFS?) related to the neurological symptoms and pain, and other pain related symptoms.

I started to notice a slight but noticeable lessening of pain on about day 6 of emptying the PEA capsule under my tongue. The pain level has continued to decrease!!! Wonderful!!! I haven’t used any more oxycontin and I’ve needed less and less carisoprodol. And PEA works without any “fuzziness”, etc. or a prescription! These over-the-counter things are my favorite! No need to try to convince a doctor that I should try it.

I’ve been trying to get in to see the local CFS expert since May 2013. She’s said she “might” be able to see me in 2015. Cort’s Blog has saved me! Her blog has helped me help myself. Cort has earned my meager donation (meager because I am financially strapped and couldn’t afford more). Thanks again, Cort!

I have also been following a modified reset protocol based on an ice bath protocol given to my sister and I by the CFS doctor we had in the early 1990s. (See my comments on Cort’s System Reset blog – – search for modified reset ice bath protocol.) That was helping somewhat with the pain, at least during the time that the worst areas were “frozen”, but the PEA gives lasting, consistent improvement. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! THANK YOU CORT! AND THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO STUDIED PEA!

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  1. Not only chronic fatigue syndrome is an interesting indication for PEA, firbomyalgia too. Would you not say that the core indication PEA can help with is any chronic inflammation?

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