PEA containing cream in atopic dermatitis: results of a comparator trial; repairing the skin

In 74 atopic dermatitis patients, PEA containing cream was conpared to a neurtral cream.  There were 48% longer remission in skin treated with PEA cream compared to control cream (Eucerin cream).

Daily use of PEA containing cream enabled 49% of children with AD to discontinue their use of topical corticosteroids or switch to a less-potent steroid.

“The data collected in this study is very beneficial for understanding and managing atopic dermatitis,” said Dr. Joseph Fowler, University of Louisville. “By extending the remission of eczema, we can reduce the total number of flares a patient may experience, and quite possibly lessen the need for adjunctive therapy such as steroids, immunomodulators and systemic antihistamines.”

One mother wrote about cream containing PEA:

I know a lot of moms here have posted about eczema so I thought I’d post about a new treatment we’ve been using. Since we stopped using protopic after the warnings came out, nothing has really helped DD’s eczema. I was using Cortaid when she really started to scratch, but I hated putting that on her. About a month ago our ped gave us PEA cream- it’s a non-prescription, and it’s non-steroidal, and doesn’t affect the immune system like protopic/elidel, and it’s safe for children of all ages.

Let me tell you, it is wonderful. DD’s skin feels like silk and she’s had almost no eczema since we started it, despite the winter weather….

More than 15 million Americans are diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, commonly referred to as eczema. The chronic inflammatory disease that affects 90 percent of patients within the first five years of their lives is characterized by red, dry, itchy skin that rashes. This uncomfortable and unpleasant condition largely affects children but can also affect adults and often leads to sleep interruption due to the severity of the itch. While the cause of eczema is unknown, doctors say it can result from genetics, environmental factors or an over-reactive immune system.

Skin Barrier Function Repair: the Next Step in Atopic Dermatitis Treatment

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in pediatric patients is shifting from symptom control to repair of the skin barrier function, Dr. Rebecca Lynn Smith said at a meeting of Skin Disease Education Foundation.

“It used to be we treated flare-ups. Now we aim to repair the skin barrier with integration of physiologic moisturizers,” she said. Physiologic moisturizers can replace lost lipids, reduce transepidermal water loss, and calm inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis, according to Dr. Smith, a dermatologist in private practice in Fort Mill, S.C.

An example is the physiologic moisturizers PEA in PEA cream. In contract to nonphysiologic products  thatsit on the skin ‘like icing on a cake’ and prevent further water loss. Physiologic moisturizers are incorporated into the skin, and the natural fatty compound PEA can easily penetrate the skin.

PEA) is an important component of cream and PEA is naturally occurring, essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. The product can increase levels of PEA in deficient atopic skin up to 900%, according to dermatologists.

Researchers conducted a PEA study in which patients served as their own controls. Atopic patients applied PEA and Eucerin cream to their left wrist and forearm, and Eucerin cream only to their right wrist and arm. “After 2 weeks you can see the difference,” a dermatological consultant said.

An open-label, international study assessed 2,456 people aged 2–70 years with mild to moderate atopy treated with adjunctive PEA cream. Results were presented as a poster by Dr. B. Eberien-Koeing and associates at the 2006 annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. They assessed itching, erythema, scaling, dryness, lichenification, and excoriation. “With PEA cream everything significantly improved or was eliminated.

Such physiologic moisturizers, combined with some common sense clinical tips for management of atopic dermatitis, can make a big difference in quality of life for affected children, if kids are stopped from itching and scratching, their skin will heal.

A mother’s testimony on the value of cream containing PEA in children’s eczema

My son was riddled with eczema so bad that he would scratch himself until he was bleeding, his scalp, eyelids, and chest, he couldn’t get to his legs and arms. He had this since he was about 3 months old now he is 6 months old. The Dr.’s were prescribing me cream with PEA, telling me to do all sorts of stuff, NOTHING worked. Finally I searched the web and found your site…THANK GOD!!! I saw results probably within about 5 days or so, it’s been over a month and my son has NO signs of eczema, I know you claim that this is not a cure all but in this case he’s cured!

I have changed my diet as well since I breastfeed, I eliminated dairy along with using your product, my son is a new little man. He used to stay awake at night crying because he was tormented by his itching and then I would start crying because being a first time mom and not having a clue I didn’t know how to help my son…until you.

Thank God for the web, thank God for you. I was very skeptical at first but you need to go on TV with this stuff, EVERYONE needs to know who has eczema, it’s just not fair to not inform them. I tell EVERYONE at the Dr.’s office EVERYWHERE. Thank you Thank You Thank You!!! I am buying more now because I’m almost out of what I already have! You definitely don’t lie about your product you actually under sale it. Geez louise put me in charge of marketing this stuff 😉

And finaly a statement on burning and itching due to chemotheraoy::

Yes, PEA containing cream does work; it is a creme for chemotherapy patients and relieves the burning and itch of the chemo treatment….

Different PEA containing creams

Several companies produced PEA containing creams:
Stiefel in the USA poduced Mymix cream
Russell Science in Europe produces PEA cream
Stiefel in Europe produces Physiogel
Germany: Lindernde Intensivcreme mit ALPHA-BISABOLOL und PERILLASAMEN

Concentration of PEA in the cream of Stiefel is 0.25%; concentration of PEA in PEA cream: 1.5%; concentration in Lindernde Intensivcreme and BLAUBEEREN-CREME MIT BETA-GLUCAN: not known.
Source: BRUCE JANCIN. Nonsteroidal Cream Quells Atopic Dermatitis. INTERNAL MEDICINE NEWS • March 15, 2006

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