Cellular repair and inhibition of inflammation Is the Next Step in treatment of Atopic Dermatitis Treatment: PEA cream

Treatment of atopic dermatitis in pediatric patients is shifting from symptom control to repair of the inflamed skin after the introduction of palmitoylethanolamide cream High Dose. There was already a cream available, but since 2014 a new cream became available containing 5 times the amount of the previous palmitoylethanolamide cream.

Pathological defects in atopic dermatitis include all kinds of cellular pathology, such as an increased stratum corneum chymotryptic enzyme, increased proteases, decreased maturation of lamellar bodies, and decreased filaggrin.

Palmitamide MEA (PEA) is the terminology for PEA when used as a topical cream (by tradition). PEA is an important component of PEA cream. PEA is naturally occurring, essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties. The product can increase levels of PEA in deficient atopic skin up to 900%, according to Dr. Smith, a consultant dermatologist.

Researchers conducted a PEA study in which patients served as their own controls. Atopic patients applied PEA and a neutral control cream to their left wrist and forearm, and the control cream only to their right wrist and arm. “After 2 weeks you can see the difference,” the consultant said.

This is not the first study with positive effects for PEA cream; Results of an open-label, international study assessed 2,456 people aged 2–70 years with mild to moderate atopy treated with adjunctive PEA cream were presented by Dr. B. Eberien-Koeing and associates at the 2006 annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology. They assessed itching, erythema, scaling, dryness, lichenification, and excoriation. “With PEA cream everything significantly improved or was eliminated,” the consultant said.

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