Report of a patient suffering from dystrophy, CRPS and the reaction on PeaPure

Suffering from CRPS quite a while…2.5 years. This is what happened the last couple of months while on PEA (PeaPure):
– Back in December and into January I suffered from severe virosis which
might contribute to the overall condition and exhaustion.- I started taking PeaPure on January 8, 2014. As we plannned, I started
with 2 capsules per day. (First 12 days I took capsules apart and took it directly,
to avoid first pass metabolism, and for a faster delivery.)

– On January 11, a pretty heavy cover of a garbage bin’s fell
on my right hand’s middle finger.
It hurt, got a tiny bump but it was a normal reaction.

–  At that day I started taking 3 capsules of PeaPure per day.

– On January 13, I was doing some stretching exercises for my arms. I only
reached with my right arm for the back of my left shoulder, and I obviously
stretched it out completely. (Similar move to my initial injury 2.5 years ago
when I pulled some heavy device at work. Back then, at first, only right hand got
swollen and frozen).

Now, with this new stretching out, my entire right arm went ‘crazy’:

all the fibers got stiff, muscles and tendons;
hand became all swollen again (as it was the case 2.5 years ago since I have CRPS),
blueish colored, ice-cold, hypersensitive, with pain score VAS 8-9, 24/7 (the entire arm).
Pain got distributed even beyond the right shoulder into the back (trapezius muscle).

– Every move with the arm (that was hardly movable at all) was extremely painful,
even getting dressed became almost impossible, always resulting with more pain.

Even when the arm was still, the pain was the same. It even increased at night,
to unbearable because arm/hand etc. have been touching the surface and
the cover was touching the arm. There was no pain-relief position.

Yes, I REALLY wished I’d had also ketamine creme.

The measures I use:

– PeaPure

– Paracetamol (Calpol syrup 250mg/5ml). Did not take more than 500mg/day
because I’m taking it for a long time and I want to preserve my liver).

– Vitamin C (from fresh fruits, not pills. We know vitamin C has some important
role in CRPS prevention and treatment but no one tells us.

– Vitamin C, transdermally (I like Your transdermal approach, very important).
I simply squeeze some fresh juice from clementines on hand, rubbed it in,
let it dry, and then washed the hand. I’m still doing this simply using my intuition.

– Topical cremes – I use Flex Creme,

and when run out of it – the Pferdebalsam:

– Desensitization – rubbing the hand with a rough towel, gently; still doing.
Can be done with a clementine fruit when cut in half. (After we mostly squeezed
the juice out on a fruit salad:)), turn it inside out, the (previous) inside
has a nice texture to rub the affected skin gently, at the same time applying its
juice, rich with vitamin C.

– Warming the hand up – using my left hand when the right hand goes cold.
I’ve learned this from my own experiences and it turned out
more effective than warming it up some other way because one can
feel when the affected hand or arm starts warming up and
can not get overheated this way.


After 14 days hand and arm started to show some signs of life, again,
and pain started to decrease.  I think we can attribute the improvement
to PeaPure.These days can, again, move my fingers, make a fist,
I’m successfully training the hand to hold a spoon, again, or a pencil,

handwriting etc. Strength is not back yet but am working on it.Pain score these days: VAS 5, mainly, with occasional peaks up to 6
and down to 4 sometimes.

Movability is 80% better than on January 13th. Actual function, 55% better,
still can not really use hand much, also am a bit careful.

In the week 3 I started taking Fresubin Energy Drink (1500 kcal, every 3 or 4 days)
to ‘feed’ the tissues with proteins, minerals etc.

Will not use it on days when taking Fresubin to avoid being over-packed with vitamins
and minerals. Previous week took only 4 capsules of PeaPure all together because ran
out of supply, probably getting more tomorrow.

The only MD I visited was my rehabilitation specialist, because I needed
Flex Creme she has. She also prescribed physical therapy but here
one has to wait for months for the actual treatment.

So, I’m doing exercises and train the hand/arm by myself,
and hope I’m doing all good moves.:)
And I wrote You quite a novel:) …

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