Proton pump inhibitors: bacterial pneumonia

To cut down natural acid in the stomach and not creating major side effects was somehwat shortsighted anyway. Patients often get prazoles without good reason.

Mastopedia Research Feed

Prescrire Int. 2012 Sep;21(130):210-2.

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After two decades of widespread use, proton pump inhibitors are considered to have a very well-documented and acceptable adverse effect profile in the short-term. Yet adverse effects continue to emerge. In particular, epidemiological studies conducted over the past 10-12 years showed an increased incidence of fractures. New data now point to an increased risk of bacterial pneumonia. A Korean meta-analysis published in 2011 showed a statistically significant increase in the risk of bacterial pneumonia in patients taking proton pump inhibitors, with an odds ratio of 1.27 (95% confidence interval (95% CI): 1.11 to 1.46). The increase in community-acquired pneumonia was also statistically significant, with an odds ratio of 1.34 (95% CI: 1.14 to 1.57). This is consistent with the results of a meta-analysis published in 2010, which gave an odds ratio of 1.36 (95% CI: 1.12 to 1.65). The increase in…

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