PeaPure in Pudendal Neuralgia, dystonia and vulvodynia

A patient was suffering from Pudendal Neuralgia, in addition to para-cervical nerve damage, and hypogastric nerve damage as a result from a deep surgical conization.  In addition to that she suffered from pelvic dystonia and myofasia pain in and around the vagina along with vulvodynia.  Co-morbid states were pelvic floor dysfunction and bowel dysfunction.  She suffered with these conditions for over seven years.

After a number of trials she was responding partly to amitriptyline, Topamax, Zanaflex  for the pain management.  In addition to regularly regonal pudendal and cervix nerve blocks. When the anti-inflammatory/analgesic effects of the blocks wears off vaginal bleeding occurs. On some days,  she could not function at all from the pain. She was prescribed PeaPure. After taking one capsule of PeaPure, the bleeding stopped. The pain was reduced to a level 3 out of 10 and symptoms of pelvic dystonia stopped. The patient subsequently slept for 18 hours. The next night she took 1/2 capsule and slept for over 10 hours.  The treatment with PeaPure has given her new hopes, as conventional treatment could not free her from pain.
The patient was very grateful to the prescriber and wrote: “Because of this pain from nerve damage that no living entity should experience, I am  thankful for your help with the PeaPure. You are a God send.” 

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