Natural treatment with palmitoylethanolamide against Whooping Cough

Whooping cough especially affects children less than 10 years old, however the number and of cases involving adults have increased over the last decade. More than half of all reported cases are people 10 years of age and older.

Whooping cough can be diagnosed in adults and adolescents during the catarrhal stage if there is an epidemiological link to a known case.

Two parents infected with whooping cough

Two adults (father and mother) were infected by their todler, which had a serological proven whooping cough. They both developed chronic complains and coughing, irresponsive to paracetamol etc.

The father came to visit a MD in this period due to his neuropathic pains, and palmitoylethanolamide therapy was started (400 mg PeaPure thrice daily). After 2 weeks the pain was less, and the father noted that the whooping cough also was quickly responding positively, and he was nearly free of coughing. His wife however, kept coughing and subsequently decided to start also using PEA. PEA has been proven to be effective and safe in 5 different clinical trials in thousands of patients suffering from airway infections to reduce symptoms, of flu and common cold.

Whooping cough treated with palmitoylethanolamide (PeaPure)

In these two patients, suffering from whooping cough, continuing for weeks, treatment with PEA reduced the symptoms of whooping cough in around 2 weeks.

As there is currently no treatment to reduce the lengthly whooping cough period after an infection with Bordetella, PeaPure might be a logical choice.

Dose can be used between 3 times 1 capsule of 400 mg up to 3 times 2 capsules of PeaPure each day.

As the side effects are benign, and we do not expect funding for RCT’s, this treatment option will probably not be secured by science, but the biological effects of PEA makes a treatment effect in whooping cough plausible.

4 responses

  1. […] Onder de volgende link staat meer in detail over de behandelingseffecten van PEA bij kinkhoest.  […]

  2. joepie, vader en moeder krijgen kinkhoest
    PeaPure helpt. Echte wetenschap:
    steekproef n=1, twee maal

    1. palmitoylethanolamide4pain | Reply

      Elk stuk wetenschap start met simpele observaties; de observaties zijn in lijn met de theorie van de werking van palmitoylethanolamide, vervolgens is de volgende stap meer casuistiek en dan ten slotte klinische RCT’s.

  3. […] Onder de volgende link staat meer in detail over de behandelingseffecten van PEA bij kinkhoest.  […]

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