Idiopathic neuropathy, extreme treatment refractory pain, treated with PeaPure

Female patient, born in 1932, started to suffer from pain in feet in 2003, progressive in nature. We saw this patient in 2013, her pain score was 8 over 10 on the NRS. The pain was in both legs from the knees downward, and patient experienced subjective feelings as if walking on  a cushion. Thirty ears ago she was operated upon for remove a lumbar hernia. Clinical examination showed absence of achilles tendon reflex and vibration in the feet.

Previous neuropathic pain treatments did not result in any pain reduction, neither amitriptylin 50 mg nor duloxetin 30 mg. In 2008 the neurologist concluded the diagnosis was chronic idiopathic axonal neuropathy, based on the EMG. The symptoms grew worse, and increasingly she complained about strange feelings in both feet, as if walking on a ball, dead feelings of toes and difficulty walking due to pain. She did not wish to be treated with pregabalin or opioids.

We started treating with palmitoylethanolamide (PeaPure), 3 times 400 mg. Within 7 days painscores were reduced by 50% and after 2 weeks the patient reported absence of pain.

No side effects were reported.

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