Palmitoylethanolamide in commercial PEA nutraceuticals: PeaPure, Pelvilen, Normast and Achilles, and where to buy these

We often receive the question: how to buy Normast, were to get Pelvilen, how to buy PeaPure online. And questions, what are the differences between all these nutraceuticals.

Well, Normast, Pelvilen and Glialia are Italian products, officially registered and notified in Italy as food for medical purposes. These drugs can be bought in Italian drug-shops. In the Netherlands for instance none of these products are available, as they are not registered as dietfood for medical purposes ( a special classification for nutraceuticals). PeaPure is a PEA product produced in the Netherlands, and it is classified as a food supplement and not as dietfood for medical purposes. This is also the reason why PeaPure can be bought easily on line from each country in the world. Achilles is a nutraceutical containing low dose of PEA and some herbals, it is a body build supplement in the USA.

These are some formal differences between the products, based on classification.

There are also some pharmaceutical differences, we highlight some of these.

Content of PeaPure, Normast and Pelvilen

People often inquire about the content of commercial available PEA products, such as Normast, PeaPure, Pelvilen en Achilles.


To answer these questions we have created this simple table: one can see easily that the capsules or tablets contain various amounts of PEA. PeaPure contains PEA only; Normast contains PEA and excipients, and in sachets sorbitol; Pelvilen contains excipients and a resveratrol, and Achilles contains PEA, excipients and a number of phyto products.

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