Pain in Chronic Idiopathic Axonal Neuropathy (CIAP)

We quote from

PAIN IN PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC IDIOPATHIC  AXONAL POLYNEUROPATHY, by P.G. Erdmann, F.R. van Genderen, L.L. Teunissen, N.C. Notermans, E. Lindeman, A.J.M. van Wijck, N.L.U. van Meeteren, in: European Neurology 2010;64:58-64

Of the 91 patients with CIAP, 63 (69%) reported pain, which had a median duration
of 4.25 years (range, 0–35 years). The median current pain severity on the VAS
was 33 mm, with a median minimal pain severity of 16 mm and median maximum
pain severity of 63 mm; there was considerable variation in the pain scores (Table
1). In total, 12 patients were classified as having severe pain (VAS score >54 mm),
22 moderate pain (VAS score 30–54 mm), and 29 mild pain (VAS score <30)23,24
Sixty-four percent of the patients reported pain of varying severity and 22%
reported pain of constant severity; 14% reported experiencing intermittent pain.

Thirty-nine percent of patients reported exacerbation of pain at night.

Thirty-eight patients with CIAP (42%) were classified as experiencing neuropathic
pain (i.e., as belonging to the NP subgroup or the NP&NNP subgroup)).
Of the 27 patients in the NP subgroup, 14 (52%) experienced pain in the feet and
the lower legs, 10 (37%) experienced pain in the feet, and 3 (11%) experienced
pain in the lower legs; 7 patients (26%) also experienced pain in the hands and 2
(7%) experienced pain in the hands and lower arms.

In total, 69% of the patients
reported experiencing pain, with 30% reporting symmetric distal pain (i.e.,
presumably neuropathic pain), 27% non-neuropathic pain, and 12% a combination
of neuropathic and non-neuropathic pain.

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