Where can I buy Normast or Peapure?

Where can I buy normast or peapure? This is a question we often see submitted in questions related to this website. People google it up using this question: where to buy Normast or PeaPure? This is not a commercial website, but a scientific one. It is not written by commercial people but by doctors and scientists. However, to help those asking where to get Normast and PeaPure we answer it here.

Normast is a product produced in Italy and can be obtained in Italian and Spanish pharmacists, including via some Italian internet sites.

PeaPure is a product produced in the Netherlands, and can be obtained via the webshop of the producer: JP Russel Science Ltd at www.rs4supplements.com. The service is reliable and fast shipment, and we were able to check the quality of the product PeaPure, as there is a certificate of analysis available on their website. PeaPure is pure and reliable. For Normast sadly enough no such a certificate is available for review.

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