There are various clinical studies demonstrating the clinical efficacy of palmitoylethanolamide in nerve compression syndromes, and neuropathic pain syndromes, as well as pain syndromes based on inflammation.

Mansfield & Bulimba Physioworks

The most common diagnosis for elbow pain is to label it ‘tennis elbow’. Sometimes, it is called “golfer’s elbow”. Funnily enough, many people who do not play either sport can get this type of pain.

The real diagnosis is called epicondylitis, meaning that your pain arises from tiny tears in your wrist tendons at the point at which they attach to your elbow. In past years, this complaint has been very difficult to treat, and some people suffered with this dreadful affliction for years. Luckily, recent physiotherapy studies have discovered that elbow pain has another cause that is often overlooked.


The first study investigated the movement of the nerves in 20 subjects suffering from tennis elbow. Keep in mind that nerves are not tiny, delicate little strands, but tough and fibrous strands, in some cases as thick as your little finger.  The study  results showed that one of the…

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