There is a preclinical (pharmacological) as well as a clinical study suggesting that palmitoylethanolamide protects the nerves against chemotherapy induced damage and reduces neuropathic pain.

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Chemotherapy is among the most effective treatments for cancer. It involves a combination of drugs that attack cancer cells.


  • Certain cancers like acute leukemia, malignant lymphoma, Hodgkins disease and choriocarcinoma are completely curable when treated with the right type of chemotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy helps remove residual cancer cells from the primary site, after the tumour is removed. Oncologist Dr JB Sharma said: “This particular cancer treatment not only helps patients live longer, but also consistently increases the chances for survival throughout the various stages of treatment.”
  • When surgery is expected to be mutilating or not initially possible due to a tricky position of the tumour, chemotherapy is used to first shrink the size of the tumour, so the surgery is possible.
  • In cases of advanced head, neck and cervical cancers, chemotherapy is given along with radiation for a synergistic effect. Today, the treatment is more targeted and the…

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