Cannabis, especially in chocolat (fatty compound) can help against pain due to its analgeisc action. It is a Painkiller, but with side effects. Cannabis has multiple actions in the body. The endogenous molecule palmitoylethanolamide is also a cannabinoid, but devoid of all psychoactive side effects. Therfore palmitoylethanolamide is a worthy alternative for the age old Cannabis treatment of chronic pain.

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When it comes to medical cannabis edibles, there are few ways to guarantee potency, safety, and consistency without rigorous laboratory testing. At the Bloom Room, we think lab-tested products are an essential part of the medical-cannabis industry. By quantifying the potency of these products, manufacturers offer patients more than just shot-in-the-dark medicine.

Why leave patients guessing after every dose? Why leave the outcome of a daily dosage up to chance?

When a patient takes Advil or Ambiant – they read the label, identify their ideal dosage, and ingest the necessary amount. This process of educating the patient prior to ingestion increases safety, prevents error, and ensures they’ll have a positive experience with medical cannabis.

In San Francisco, many collectives are lab-testing their entire line of medical cannabis products. These dispensaries are at the forefront of modern marijuana medicine, since they are approaching the plant as a normal source of medical therapy. Nobody…

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