Manufacturer of PeaPure: Pure PEA of GMP quality, a new chapter in medicine.

We get many questions on this website like this one. Who is the manufacturer of PeaPure, is it GMP produced and is it pure?
Just some first short answers.

Our website has been created long before PeaPure was created, and was based in our experience with different PEA formulations, all containing PEA and excipients or artificial sweeteners like sorbitol. But we acknowledge that PeaPure is a new and probably might even be a better product, due to its purity. It contains pure palmitoylethanolamide, without any excipient or sweetener such as sorbitol.
Palmitoylethanolamide in this pure form, the natural PEA, was tested for its biological action in 1993 already by the Nobel price laureate professor Rita Levi-Montalcini, and she and her group concluded that pure PEA can modulate inflammatory cells and bring rest in the system.

PeaPure produced as pure as possible, PEA in such a pure form was explored in 1993 by Montalcini

Montalcini explored PEAThe organization JP Russell Science has decided in 2011 to start producing such pure palmitoylethanolamide as professor Levi-Montalcini explored and described in her 1993 hallmark paper. Russell science researched such pure PEA without excipients and after intens formulation efforts, they succeeded in producing such PEA in the Netherlands under GMP conditions in vegan (and vegetarian) capsules.

This was the emergence of PeaPure as the first foodsupplement and neutraceutical on the market, containing 100% pure PEA without any pharmaceutical excipient, in capsules of 400 mg and in packages containing 30 such capsules.
We think the availability of PeaPure is opens a new chapter in the treatment of pain and inflammatory disorders. For a natural molecule as PEA one would like to opt for a natural formulation, without chemical stuff our body does not need.

Clinical Experience of patients on PeaPure

Meanwile many hundreds of patients have been treated since 2012 with PeaPure and many to their satisfaction. Side effects have not been noticed. Side effects known from een PEA-houdend product (feeling of heaviness on the stomach, diarree due ton the sorbitol) have been absent for PeaPure. Patients treated with this new formulations are from all over the world: Germany, UK, Canada, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, etc.

Further science around this special formulation, as well as reviews and case reports in peer reviewed papers describing the clinical effects of PeaPure are underway and will be available soon (in 2013).

Montalcini’s paper from 1993:

Aloe L, Leon A, Levi-Montalcini R. | A proposed autacoid mechanism controlling mastocyte behaviour. | Agents Actions. | 1993;39 Spec No:C145-7.

And here here explanation:

Rita 1



rita 3


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