Comparison een PEA-houdend product and PeaPure

Many patients have asked to help the to understand the differences and similarities between een PEA-houdend product and PeaPure.

Both een PEA-houdend product as well as PeaPure contain the body-own, natural, anti-inflammatory and analgesic compound palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). An Italian company introduced een PEA-houdend product for human use in Italy and Spain in 2008; PeaPure has been produced in the Netherlands by the company JP Russell Science and has been introduced in 2012 for all over the world.

een PEA-houdend product comes in tablets of 600 mg micronized palmitoylethanolamide, compressed with certain pharmaceutical excipients, PeaPure is available in vegetable capsules of 400 mg, and each capsule contains finely milled palmitoylethanolamide (micronized) only. The PeaPure capsules are easy to open, and the palmitoylethanolamide powder can than be used to sprinkle under the tongue, if necessary.

een PEA-houdend product also comes in a pharmaceutical form (sachets) for sprinkling under the tongue, containing 600 mg palmitoylethanolamide powder, sweetened with around 300 mg sorbitol. The finely milled palmitoylethanolamide of PeaPure does not contain any sweetener, or any chemical or pharmaceutical excipient.

een PEA-houdend product as well as PeaPure are produced according to Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP), PeaPure is produced in the Netherlands, and een PEA-houdend product is produced in Italy.

een PEA-houdend product tablets are packed in a package of 20 tablets of 600 mg, in total 12-gram palmitoylethanolamide. PeaPure capsules are packed in packages of 30 capsules of 400 mg, each containing 400 mg.

Dose recommendation is to start with 1200 mg PEA/day, either as 2 times 600 mg een PEA-houdend product tablets, or as three times 400 mg PeaPure capsules. The capsules can be taken twice daily, for instance 2 capsules during breakfast and 1 capsule during dinner.

The capsules are smaller compared to the tablets, and in case of difficulty of swallowing, for instance in elderly and ALS patients, the capsules are easily opened and its content can be sprinkled over a meal. This is not possible for the tablets.


Comparison between een PEA-houdend product and PeaPure

Comparison between een PEA-houdend product and PeaPure

In the enclosed figure some of the similarities and differences have been tabulated.

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