PeaPure: a new formulation of palmitoylethanolamide

Since 2012 a new formulation of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) became available for patients, classified as a foodsupplement. It demonstrates how important the analgesic and anti-inflammatory body-own compound PEA is. PEA as a natural compound occurs if foodstuff as eggs, peanuts and meat.

If patients want to show their doctor a short and condensed medical information sheet on PEA, use this link.

The first formulation of PEA was brought to the patient in 1970, by the company, Spofa, under the brandname Impulsin (in 600 mg tablets), against inflammation, flu and common cold. Sadly the company went broke, although already in that time 5 placebo controlled trials proved the efficacy and safety of the substance.

In 1992 the company LifeGroup in Italy developed PEA for mast cell hyperactivation and severe pain as in sciatic pain, based on the brilliant work of the Nobel price winner professor Rita Levi-Montalcini. This work was carried further and resulted in 2008 in the introduction in Italy and Spain of the food for medical purposes een PEA-houdend product. een PEA-houdend product is produced in Italy. It can only be obtained in countries were it is classified as food for medical purposes (Italy, Spain).

In 2011 the big giant Nestle started developing PEA for inflammatory bowel disorder, as a functional food/nutraceutical.

In 2012, the company Russell Science Ltd, introduced PeaPure world wide, in 400 mg capsules, in a package containing 30 capsules as a food supplement. Their innovation is a formulation totally free of artificial sweeteners (sorbitol in een PEA-houdend product powder), and free of excipients such as magnesium stearate, which can all be found in in een PEA-houdend product tablets or Sachets. PeaPure is produced in the Netherlands.

PeaPure: a new PEA formulation for chronic pain and chronic inflammation, its use and dose recommendations

PeaPure has been designed by Russell Science Ltd in a pure formulation, not containing any other chemical and pharmaceutical components which migh compromise the efficacy of PEA or cause side-effects. That is the reason the company did not add any colourants, pharmaceutical preservatives, sweeteners and other excipients.For instance, the excipient magnesium stearate is seen by pharmaceutical experts as troublesome, as it can have a negative influence and we quote from ‘A comparative study of glycerin fatty acid ester and magnesium stearate on the dissolution of acetaminophen tablets using the analysis of available surface area‘ (2011) by Takeaki Uchimoto and colleagues:

In solid pharmaceutical formulations, magnesium stearate (Mg- St), which is widely used as a hydrophobic lubricant, is considered to cause certain manufacturing problems, such as reduction in tab- let hardness [1], prolonged disintegration time [2,3], and retarded drug dissolution [4–6].

All these potential problems, as well as the evident side effects from sorbitol (diarrhee) have been overcome by this new PEA formulation. Furthermore, PeaPure can be easily swallowed, or for patients with severe swallowing problems, the capsules can be openend and PEA can be sprinkeled over a meal or mixed with yoghurt or so.

PeaPure can also be taken easily under the tongue, by opening the special designed capsule and poring the powder on a spoon and getting it under the tongue. (Especially of use in patients suffering great pain and for instans in Lou Gehring’s disease). Or the capsule can easily be swallowed, as it is smaller compared to the een PEA-houdend product 600 mg tablets.

Dose recommendations of PeaPure

Dose recommendation: start with 1200 mg daily in 2 to 3 gifts (e.g. 2 capsules after breakfast and 1 capsule after diner). In case of severe pain, migraine or for special indications such as Lou Gehrings disease it is recommended to open the capsule and put the PEA under the tongue for longer periodes of time. The PEA resolves in the mouth and is absorbed via the oral mucosa to enter directly into the body, not being partly digested in the gut. This gives a jumpstart which might be desirable, but is not always necessary.

PEA is a body own modulator, and not a painkiller such as NSAIDs and morphine. It does mostly need some weeks to slowly bring the body in balance on a number of biological levels. As PEA has a number of modulating effects, both on the short term as well as slowly increasing, there are patients experiencing quick pain relief within some days. There are aso patients who need more time (especially in chronic pain situations). Therefore the recommendation is to test the efficacy of PEA during two months in cases of chronic pain before deciding on its efficacy.

If pain decreases more than 30% one can reduce the dose of PeaPure to 2 times 400 mg. If pain increases under PeaPure treatment, as some chronic pain syndromes sometimes waxes and wanes (given the weather, given excercise, food, etc) it is recommended to increase the dose to 800 mg twice daily.

Consult your physician for further specific instructions.

As the substance PEA is a natural occuring body-own molecule, the safety of the compound is clear and has been substantiated in clinical trials conducted in more than 4000 patients, as well in the milions of people who have taken PEA from 1970 onwards. No drug-drug interactions are to be expected, making PEA an unique compound to add ro treatments against pain and inflammation.

PeaPure against pain and inflammation: indicatons

PEA can be administered to all patients suffering from chronic pain states (such as low back pain, sciatic pain, herpes zoster pain, diabetic neuropathic pain, etc). In all these painstates clinical trials have supported its use and its safety. Examples are described in a nice review in 2012. For MD’s there is a great review article, summerizing many clinical trials.

PEA has also been tested positively in 5 double blind clinical trials as a treatment and prophylaxis in flu and common cold. Dose is at least 1200 mg, and preferably take it directly when flu or common cold symptoms emerge as powder under the tongue.

All putative indications under this link.

Questions for Russell Science Ltd can be emailed:

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  4. How can I purchase the PeaPure?

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      order at their site

  5. Are there any physicians consulting on the use of this product in the US?

  6. […] The purpose of this post is to clarify dosing of PeaPure and how to take it for a sudden flare of pain. My apologies for failing to recall the source of these instructions which I believe was from the manufacturer and from here: […]

  7. My dog has syringemiia, i would like to try peaPure to help her pain. How can i order it?

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      good idea, many dogs in NL are treated with PeaPure: there you can order

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