PEA ( PeaPure): breakthrough in pain, pressrelease

In the US, every year more than 750.000 patients die from side effects of modern painkillers. These figures stress the need of searching for saver alternatives concerning pain management.

But now, there is finally a breakthrough in save and effective chronic pain treatment. For years, patients suffering from chronic pain have been waiting for this; an effective analgesic with no side effects that can be used for longer periods of time. It is called PeaPure® and contains a compound that our body produces naturally. However, in chronic pain conditions and during chronic inflammations, the concentration of this compound (that is produced by human cells) is too low to have painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because of the fact that PeaPure® contains a body’s own molecule, it is 100% save to use. Also, there are no side effects such as dizziness, headache, etc. noticed and will not occur any interactions if PeaPure® is used next to other types of medication.

PeaPure® is available in Europe. From this year on, it also can be ordered from the US. The active compound was pointed out by Nobel Prize winning professor Rita Levi-Montalcini in 1995. She and her colleagues found out that this compound can be used in a save and effective treatment of chronic pain and chronic inflammations.

Worldwide, more than 800.000 patients have been treated with the compound and the effectiveness and safety has been clinically proven in several trials. Patients can order PeaPure® directly, without needing a doctor’s prescription. However, it is advised to always inform the physician first before starting to use PeaPure®.

Read more: PEA-houdend product%26%23174%3B%3B%20a%20breakthrough%20in%20chronic%20pain%20treatment.#ixzz1dbZ31acH


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