Vulvodynia and a novel about it

With palmitoylethanolamide in een PEA-houdend product and een PEA-houdend product gel for vulvodynia, the next review of a novel covering vulvodynia is relevant. We quote:

Yes, it does exist. I had never heard of it until looking at Feminists With Female Sexual Dysfunction and seeing a book review about it. The book is called The Camera My Mother Gave Me by Susanna Kaysen. If you want a thorough book review, go to K’s blog, because she does a much better job than I would if I tried. I just wanted to reflect on a few things that affected me personally about the book.

What’s exciting about it is that it is actually a real personal account of a woman’s experience dealing with Vulvodynia(?), (not sure, she had a lot of diagnoses). I never knew a book like this existed. It is hard to read though, so be warned. She’s very blunt and doesn’t leave out the gory, sad, horrendous details. She describes her many-years-long search of “What is wrong with me?”, as so many of us have asked over and over. She sees countless doctors, healers, alternative medicine people, and they all tell her to do something different – usually something that makes her pain worse. The most disturbing thing to me about all the “doctors” she saw is that most of them told her to keep having sex with her boyfriend – that it would help. What the hell?! She had stabbing, horrible pain when she had sex that lasted for days afterward and they thought it would help? It flashed me back to all the incompetent doctors I went to and I could completely understand her frustration.

The hardest parts of the book for me to read were her interactions with her boyfriend. He was completely unsympathetic to her pain and all he cared about was having sex all the time. He would get mad at her that she wasn’t trying to fix it (wasn’t trying to fix it? she went to at least one doctor appointment a week trying to fix it!). Or he’d be mad because she wasn’t doing something that a doctor prescribed – BECAUSE IT MADE THE PAIN WORSE!. He coerced her into having sex or giving him blow jobs even though she had lost all desire (big surprise – pain does not equal more desire). And then he would accuse her of not loving him enough because if he was in pain he would still have sex with her and do anything to make her happy. UGH! It infuriated me! She used words like “cheese grater” to describe her pain when she had sex. Did he REALLY think that if his penis felt like a cheese grater he would still be having sex?

My husband called me as I was on my way home from work the day after I had finished this book. I was telling him about it and I just burst into tears. I told him about this girl’s awful boyfriend and how sad it made me. And how it just reinforced my love and appreciation for my own husband’s constant support and non-pressure. He doesn’t want to have sex with me if it hurts me. That’s not a turn-on for him. You’d think that most men would feel that way. I have all these horrible issues – Vestibulodynia, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, fear of sex; but at least I have a husband who supports me. Not only that, he cheers me on – he lifts me up when I’m going into one of my depressive “I feel broken and useless” kind of moods. He never accuses me of not loving him. He knows the difference between love and sexual desire. He sees my love in all the hard work I do every day to heal my vagina.

This book was a painful read, but my heart swells with love for my wonderful husband when I reflect on it.

Some of you should not read this book – she goes into detail about her boyfriend’s terrible behavior and it might be traumatic for you if you’ve had similar experiences.

But it’s exciting to know that there is actually a book out there that tells this story with no sugar-coating. My favorite part about it is that it’s real.

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  2. I am definately gonna look this book up, thankyou for pointing it out!!
    I’ve only just been diagnosed with Vuvodynia (though not as bad as this womans by the sound of things) and it’s true that you just go from doctor to doctor and they all treat you for different things. No one thinks of it.
    It’s nice to know you’re not alone. I spent ages thinking I was just weird.

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